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The MEC produces a quarterly 16-20 page tabloid newsletter informing MEC members and the community at large about current environmental issues and events in our county. Permission is granted to excerpt or use all of any of the MEC newsletter articles as long as the source is cited.

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About The MEC Newsletter Online Project

Thank you to Dale Glaser who personally took on the goal to archive and index the complete set of MEC newsletters. Thank you Dale!

Who ever thought back in the late 80’s and early 90’s that the Internet would come along? None of us ever thought to keep the electronic version of a newsletter after the issue was printed!

It has taken many hours sorting through piles of old floppy disks, finding computers old enough to work with several versions of two page layout programs and the great HyperCard program to get all the electronic versions of newsletters that any of us could find converted for the web. It was way to difficult to find or work with graphics in this project so only the text of newsletter articles has been archived. Sorry.

The remaining issues are going to have to be physically scanned and OCRed in order to finally get the complete set of newsletters online! That may take a while longer.

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