How to Become a MEC Member

Anyone can become a member of the Mendocino Environmental Center, contribute $40.00 for an annual membership or contribute five hours of your time during the year.  Its your center please come Occupy the Place.

This is our twenty-fifth year in this building.   With the improvements made to the structure of the building we have a good seventy-five years remaining in it.   Lets use it.

Margine Magee has called us the “Biggest – Little Environmental Center She Knows.” Les Tarr, likes to say “On the Grow and in the Know.” Lets grow together.

What do we want? Members who serve our community, who focus on issues of survival in our community, who engage in dialogue, who support our children, who participate in building our local economy, and who do it together.

Becoming a member is the easy part; it is what one does with the membership that actually creates change in our community. To become a member, all you have to do is stop by our office at 106 W. Standley St. and say hello.

Sign up for $40.00 or arrange to contribute five hours.  Don’t live in Mendo want to be a member?? Works for us.  Call us at (707) 234-3236 or use our Pay Pal Account.

What Does Membership Mean?                                                                            
– If your heart drives you toward environmental protection and restoration or peace and social justice it means that the MEC is a good place to get support.

– If you’re a student who wants to learn how to produce radio programming KMEC our radio station has an opportunity for you.

– If you’re a group in the community that wants a place to meet, needs insurance for its fundraiser, and wants supports with what you do  It means we are here for that.

– If you love using your ability to connect people with tasks that are meaningful to them it means you could be the new MEC Volunteer Coordinator.

Join the MEC.   Join us in your efforts, the ones you are working on and that you bring to the MEC, and together as members we will accomplish much.

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